Real Estate Evaluation

Our Experience Is Your Advantage

Real Estate Evaluation is one of our core services.

We know the how our local market plays. With over 30 years of local experience we can alyways pinpoint the best possible price for any property, be it a condo, a house or an entire apartment building. Depending on your wishes, we will achieve the desired value sweet spot. The value sweet spot is the optimal relation between the maximum achievable sales price and the time your property will be listed on the market.

Our evalution services are well known and trusted.

A property evaluation from Ziegler Immobilien AG is professional document. Every evaluation is designed for official use. Our reputation is well established in our market. Local banks or insurances will accept our evaluation as the official current market value. This fact will support you with any mortgage issues or insurance obligations.

About Ziegler Immobilien

Ziegler Immobilien AG is your reliable partner for real estate services on Lake Zurich since 1984. With our many years of experience and our trusty employees & caretakers we offer our customers and partners optimum support for various tasks related to real estate. Intrust your property to a company from your area.